Our vision is to create a place where families with adoptive or foster
children can come to find physical and spiritual refreshment”

In 1 Kings Chapter 19, the prophet Elijah was burnt out and struggling with the calling that God had placed on him. He went into the wilderness and sat under a Juniper tree, there he was given rest and miraculously provided with food and drink.

We believe that the care of children unable to live in their family of origin is part of our calling as the church. But the journey of caring for these precious children and young people is not always easy and can often leave their parents/carers feeling burnt out and at the end of their resources.

Our aim is to provide a break away for the whole family where the adults can receive understanding, friendship, rest and refreshment and the children and young people can experience acceptance, understanding all while having some fun!

Contact us at info@junipertreebreaks.org.uk